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Maximum Balloon is a cool name

It is, isn’t it? Maximum Balloon is the solo project of TV on the Radio’s David Sitek, He really seems to be enjoying the freedom to produce music while collaborating with an impressive and eclectic range of singers and musicians, including the likes of former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne and upcoming vocalist Holly Miranda. At it’s core, Maximum Balloon is a very solid New Wave inspired Electropop record with a few twists here and there. Although it has billed as a dance record because of the ample funky bass guitar and synthy hi hats, I see the record as more of a groovy head nodder because it all seems a little too esoteric and indie to really make people get out of their seats (unless you really are an 80’s new waver at heart!). That said, I would certainly dance to Communion. All in all, this is a very listenable record from start to finish (except when he gets a little too Prince on us on Shakedown) without being particularly innovative or ground breaking.

Maximum Balloon: Communion (ListenĀ Here)

While Electropop is clearly reaching mainstream popularity, Minimal Electronic/Techno still remains a firmly niche and underground phenomenon (unless you live in Berlin or something…). This isn’t particularly difficult to fathom, as the genre is introverted by nature and thus overshadowed by it’s electronic siblings that are more conducive to radio airplay and club rotations. Nevertheless, Minimal has a lot to offer music lovers. The inherent sparsity of the music allows for greater complexity and experimentation, and the results are often beautifully rich and rewarding. The following two songs are examples of the diversity that exists within this genre (although this genre really isn’t conducive to single track sampling).

Dominik Eulberg: Polar Shift (Listen Here)

Matias Aguayo: Radio Taxi (Listen Here)

Finally, to end this post on a beautifully dramatic post rock note, check out the epic “They Move on Tracks of Never-ending Light” by Texas based This Will Destroy You.

now check out how the Not For Profit group Charity:Water used this track to produce one of the most powerful and creatively effective video messages I have seen….