Random niceties

So today, less talky, more music. aiight??

So the new Cut Copy album is out, and this is fantastic for those who like electropop hipster music. Like me! I haven’t spent a lot of time with this record yet, but it sounds like a solid release…more electro and less rock than their earlier stuff, and definitely still very much noveau 80’s new wave. I do, however, detect a little more of the contemporary (yet very retro) chillwave/psychedelic sound (ala Beach House & Best Coast) in some songs, which helps to mix up the mood and tempo a little  There isn’t a whole lot that is conceptually challenging or innovative, but thats ok as long as it sounds nice.

Another group that takes this blend of electropop and chillwave even further is the Spanish outfit Delorean. Their new(ish) release, Subiza, creates a psychedelic, ephemeral mood that surrounds the core synth pop sound through the use of echo and other slightly disorienting effects. The result is interesting in that it is difficult to tell whether the group designed these songs to be for the headphones or for the dancefloor. I can definitely see DJ’s mixing these sounds into a climactic portion of their set, but the subtlety of much of their sound can only really be heard properly in a less cacophonous environment. My only gripe with Subiza is that after a while, the songs tend to sound a little too similar.

Check out this awesome remix of Lykki Li’s ‘I Follow Rivers’ by Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio and Maximum Balloon. niice.

and finally, in tribute to the Good Vibrations Festival that I am attending today, here is some Fat Freddy’s Drop straight from NZ!…enjoy!



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