My electronic evolution..and some actual music

My opinion about electronic music prior to my 20’s was one of distinct derision. The line of logic that I (and plenty of other people into alternative music) followed was that electronic music did not warrant attention because the ‘artist’ didn’t need to master or even learn how to play an instrument in order to create the music. Additionally, my exposure to electronic music was limited at that time to the painfully chipper and cliched Eurotrash that would occasionally spew out of nightclub (like that fucking ‘blue’ song!) stereo systems in Delhi nightclubs, severely testing my patience and always forcing me to question why the hell I spent half my week’s pocket money on the entry fee when I could be listening to The Wall…spliff in hand.
Thankfully, experience and exposure forced me to reconsider the logic behind this prejudice. First and foremost, I came to realize that most modern artists are respected for their ability to compose music rather than their ability to physically play the songs. That’s why we all enjoy watching a good cover band but we never remember who they are, for they are merely a conduit to enjoy someone else’s music. It’s also why John Lennon will always be considered to be a better artist than (death metal guitar player name), because although the latter is probably more technically proficient, his music just isn’t timeless.
Secondly, I was surprised to find out that a lot of electronic artists ARE actually classically trained, and they gravitated towards electronic music because it offered them a limitless canvas on which to express their vision and creativity. Fundamentally, I came to accept that although it probably is easier to create music with machines, it isn’t the difficulty factor that drives enjoyment or satisfaction (at least for me).
Now that I’ve bored you with all that, check out some really interesting new (and not so new) electronic music. This collection is much more the introverted headphone-late night chillout-wow that just sounds really cool! kind of electronic music rather than the hands in the air-go mental kind. Pure coincidence I suppose…
Artist: Seefeel
Track: Faults
Album: Faults
Artist: Health
Album: ::DISCO2
Artist: Mount Kimbie
Track: Carbonated
Album: Crooks & Lovers
Artist: Shpongle
Track: Invisible Man in a Fluorescent Suit
Album: Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland

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