Remixing with Mercury

In these days of technological democratization, it is easier than ever for people to create music. Dubstep genius Burial proved this by creating one of the noughties most innovative albums in his bedroom (yes literally in his bedroom) by splicing, dicing, and contorting samples and sounds (he makes a beat using a zippo lighter…now that is awesome!) using fairly inexpensive software. Of course, for every Burial there are a zillion talentless 14 year olds who are capable of creating and distributing their dross via the interwebs. Fortunately in true democratic fashion we are spared the injustice of listening to most of this stuff because if it sucks, it won’t spread.

Given this landscape, it is no surprise that remixes, mashups, and mixtapes have created a new and exciting subgenre. Again, it is up to the collective ‘we’ to determine the gems from the purely derivative and uninspired. When done properly, a remix or mashup can create something entirely fresh and unique, and sometimes even surpass the original (yes yes I know it is all subjective…relax!). This post will highlight a few such remixes, allowing you to compare and contrast them with the original tracks.

I have already lauded the work of Wait What, a young NY based DJ in a previous post. His Notorious XX album that mashed up recent (utterly deserving) Mercury Prize winners the XX with the late Notorious B.I.G is without question one of my favorite albums in the last few years. Wait What is back with some new mashups…lets see what he’s been up to.

1) Originals: Falling Slowly (The Frames), Fallin’ (Jay-Z) (Click links to view)

1) Remix: Fallin’ Slowly (Wait What) (click and go to track 21 in “This is Real Life”

2) Originals: Run this Town (Jay-z & Rihanna), I Heart NY (Samuel)

2) Remix: I Heart Running This Town (Wait What) (Click and go to track 6 in “This is Real Life)

Another not so recent example of awesome remix work was The Bug’s dubstep remix of Thom Yorke’s Harrowdown Hill track from his The Eraser solo album.



Finally, check out the difference in mood and tone between new new glam-pop band Free Energy’s ‘Bang Pop’ track and the far more mellow Fool’s Gold remix of the same track…




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