lists and more lists

I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in

1) Tracking their musical evolution over time

2) Looking to explore new music with the power of social media.

It’s worth checking out, even if it’s just for a bit of fun. Like services like Pandora and itunes Genius, lastfm makes recommendations based on your listening history. What is really cool about it, however,  is that it calculates your taste compatibility with other users, thus allowing you to browse through other peoples’ music to find new and exciting stuff to listen to. You can check out my proflie here

Here are some stats from my listening history

Total Tracks ‘scrobbled’ (recorded) since joining in Sep 2007: 19,903

Top 12 Artists scrobbled

1) Sigur Ros

2) Pearl Jam

3) Radiohead

4) Kings of Leon

5) Lil’ Wayne

6) Nine Inch Nails

7) Jay-z

8) Thievery Corporation

9) Nas

10) Bon Iver

11) The Smashing Pumpkins

12) The Black Keys

Top 10 Songs scrobbled

1) re:Stacks (Bon Iver)

2) Paper Planes (M.I.A)

3) Manhattan (Kings of Leon)

4) Love Like a Sunset (Phoenix)

5) Fix You (Coldplay)

6) Oh My God, Whatever, etc (Ryan Adams)

7) All I Need (Radiohead)

8) Blindsided (Bon Iver)

9) I Feel Like Dying (Lil’ Wayne)

10) Welcome to Jamrock (Damian Marley)

Top 10 Artists scrobbled in the Last 3 Months

1) Wait What

2) The XX

3) Radiohead

4) Boards of Canada

5) Nas

6) The White Stripes

7) Dire Straits

8) The National

9) Gorillaz

10) Vampire Weekend

Arne’t lists fun?


2 responses to “lists and more lists

  1. Hi Rishi,

    I have been admitted to the full time MBA program in AGSM and wanted some insights from you. Can you please write to me on / provide your contact number so that I can speak to you?



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