One of the great things about the internet today is the fact that we have access to a multitude of media. The internet has made creating, delivering, and finding relevant content easy. As a result, there is something for everyone, regardless of how esoteric their tastes may be. I’m going to share some of the podcasts that I usually listen to. Most of these podcasts are available through itunes for free, but I will be linking to a specific edition of the podcast to provide an example of the content in some cases. 


Current Affairs and General Interest 


1) Late Night Live (ABC Radio National Australia): LNL is an Australian radio show hosted by Philip Adams, who is simply one of the best radio hosts out there (at least in the English language). LNL covers a wide variety of topics including domestic and international news, literature, history, and science. The specific program I am posting is a truly eye opening insight into Lehman Brothers’ corporate culture prior to its demise. You’ve really got to hear it to believe it. Amazing stuff.  


2) BBC Documentaries: The BBC continues to be one of the few news organizations that still actually funds and values investigative journalism, possibly because it is considered a public good rather than a profit vehicle. In any case, these short (20-30 min) documentaries cover pretty much any area of interest Below are a few that I found particularly interesting recently. 

The Cricket Revolution: A look into the rise of 20-Twenty cricket and how it mirrors wider changes in global culture, technology, and power

The Desert Capitalists: Documentary about the Marwari’s of India and how they have risen to become India’s most successful businesspeople. 

MI6: A Century in the Shadows: Very cool look into the world’s most famous intelligence


3) NPR- Intelligence Squared: A series of debates about a diverse but salient range of topics. 



When I say sports, I really just mean football. 

1) World Football Daily: A daily 90 minute podcast that is without a doubt the best out there. Ironically, it is based out of LA in the US, but boasts a huge range of contibuters from the UK, Spain, Italy, South America, and even from Africa.These guys manage to get some of the best journalists, commentators, and even players and managers to appear and give candid interviews.Although there is a EPL focus to the show, it is really quite good at covering other parts of the football world The other thing that I really like about the show is that they also try to cover the business aspect of the game. Unlike every other podcast in this blog, WFD is a paid subscription show, but its dirt cheap. It costs US$ 5 per month (and even less if you purchase it for the entire year), which is the price of one beer at the pub. Highly recommended to anyone who loves the beautiful game. 


2) Guardian Football Weekly Extra: A group of journalists from the Guardian newspaper discuss major football stories twice a week. fairly UK focused but its entertaining, and they do have a good correspondent from Spain. 



1) Guardian Music Weekly: Another good podcast from the Guardian. GW is pretty indie focused, and can get a tad pretentious, but I do find that it exposes me to some great bands that I may otherwise not have come across. 


2) NPR All Songs Considered: Again, pretty indie focused. I tend to listen to All Songs considered 6-7 times a year, usually when they do a special review or preview music for the season or year. 


Pop Culture/Comedy

1) Real Time with Bill Maher: This is the audio recording of Bill Maher’s HBO show. It can be best described as political comedy. Bill is an unrepentant liberal atheist, so don’t expect political correctness or balance! It’s good fun though. This one is a pain in the ass to download outside of itunes. 

2) NPR Fresh Air: NPR show that covers popular culture and particularly relevant news stories. The particular story I am linking is about the Wall Street ‘quants’

3) TimesTalks: Series of in depth interviews of famous and influential people (usually actors, writers, or musicians) by NYT journalists.



1) Knowledge@Wharton: Wharton podcast. Cover’s a wide range of business topics, ranging from strategy to the cause of the GFC. This specific link is to a discussion about paid vs free content online. Really insightful stuff from some smart people. 

2) Harvard Business Ideacast: Same as above, but ts HBS’s podcast. It’s better to use itunes for this. I’m linking to an interesting discussion about social media for business. 


Enjoy 🙂








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