Best 10 Albums of 2009


3 responses to “Best 10 Albums of 2009

  1. it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’ve actually not heard a single thing on your list other than the dubstep. I went to a surprisingly dull Disco Biscuits show in RVA last year and the intermission featured faux-hippies head-banging to a DJ playing solely dubstep. I doubt if these are all 2009 but my recommendations to you, from memory:1. Animals as Leaders2. Chimp Spanner3. Between The Buried and Me–The Great MIsdirect4. Opeth–Watershed5. Hellborg/Selvaganesh/Aeklund–Art Metal6. Intronaut–Prehistoricisms7. Frost–Experiments in Mass Appeal8. Frost–Milliontown9. Textures–Drawing Circles10. Panzerballett–Starke Stucke

  2. you’ve really gotten into the metal since we parted ways eh?

  3. i was always a metal kid and didn’t know it (though only 1,2,3,4,5,6, 9 and some of 10 could be described as metallic)

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