Really Cool Podcasts

I've been listening to a lot of podcasts recently, and some of them are really interesting. I usually get my podcasts through itunes, but I will attempt to provide the direct weblink for the ones I highlight today.

1) BBC Documentaries: It should come as no surprise that some of the best content out there is on the BBC. I mean, come on, its the BBC!


Some specific podcasts I liked from here were Internet Hobo (both parts 1 and 2), The Crash (all three parts) all you MBA's better listen to this one!, MI6- A Century in the Shadows.

2) Late Night Live: A great aussie based program from ABC radio national. The show covers a wide range of topics that span the entire world.

3) This American Life: #1 Party School. A really interesting and insightful look at university life in the US. Anyone who went to college in the states, and particualrly to Penn State, will certainly feel a little nostalgic listening to this.

4) Harvard Business Ideacast: Recently stumbled upon this podcast. Again, a really interesting range of topics, particularly for those interested in business and management. I particularly liked the one about Rethinking MBA Education.

I also listen to a few football podcasts. The following are the ones that are worth checking out.

1) World Football Daily: Probabally the best football podcast available. The guys are able to interview really knowledgable people, ranging from pundits to players and managers. Sadly, it is subscription based (US $5 a month) but if you like your football, its worth it… beer at the pub costs more!

2) Chappers Premier League Podcasts

3) BBC World Football



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