What Ive Been Listening to- December 2009

2010 and impending Armageddon may be afoot, but, as Anthony Kiedis said, 'music is my aeroplane'.

I've had the pleasure of attending a couple of live shows at what I believe must be Sydney's most unique, friendly, and overall kick ass venue. Located in a random warehouse in Sydenham (ie: armpit of Sydney), Qirkz is an underground music venue, artists studio, and a veritable museum of random popular culture artifacts. Even more important are the things that Qirkz does NOT have.

1) Fuckwit bouncers with an inferiority complex.

2) Fuckwit clients hell bent on causing agro.

3) A Liquor License (so it's BYO, saving us money and aggravation)

4) Shit acoustics (the owner has really invested in top quality sound, unlike venues like the Annandale which sound like shit most of the time

Thus in homage to my new found haven, I'm going to write about the artists I have seen at Qirkz for the past two weeks.

1) Christa Hughes: Christa acted as emcee and also put in a thoroughly entertaining performance. Currently Ring Master of Circus Oz, she was previously a member of Machine Gun Fellatio, but now performs solo. Her act at Qirkz can be described as a 1930's speakeasy style Cabaret with a contemporary lyrical context. Supremely talented, witty, and downright hilarious at times, Christa really set the tone for what was a superb night. The music video below doesn't do her justice, but it offers an idea of the crazy antics we had the pleasure to witness on stage last week.

2) Nadene Pita: Blessed with a demure yet simultaneously affective demeanour, a powerful yet breathy voice, and a boatload of talent and vocal control, jazz vocalist and violinist Nadene Pita offered up an eclectic set that ranged from traditional jazz to African tribal fusion (reminding me of my sister's Ladysmith Black Mambazo records that I used to think I was wayyy too cool to listen to). Again, the video below won't do her justice, but in any case…

3) Max Sharam: ARIA nominated Max Sharam was clearly trained as an opera singer. The power, control, and sheer range of her voice reverberating off the walls of the intimate, vaudevillesque venue was truly…well…awesome. She's definitely a very experimental artist, and I'm not sure I'd dig listening to her stuff out of a live performance context, but Max is a true performance artist with a captivating voice and on stage aura. Again…awesome. 

4) Oscar Jimenez: This week Qirkz hosted Colombian artist Oscar Jimenez and his band. I haven't listened to too much South American music (other than Manu Chao, which is kind of South American I guess…even though he's French..) and I must say it is a bloody good time. By the end of the night, the entire place was out of their seats and dancing…..kids, dressed up girls, 60 year old couples…everyone. Again, the youtube video doesn't really do justice to our experience, but anyways…

Merry Christmas Kids!


One response to “What Ive Been Listening to- December 2009

  1. Dude! Well put together account of what you experienced. I’m sorry I had to miss out on the first performance. I would have enjoyed the MC! I’ll post a drawing from Qirkz at http://lineaist.blogspot.com

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