My Top 20 of the 2000’s


One response to “My Top 20 of the 2000’s

  1. I’ll have to make my own :P, great idea. A lot of your choices are quite shocking, but then i didn’t really start listening to new music until recently, so i’m probably not a good judge. From 2000-2005 I feel we listened to a lot of 90s stuff and Classic Rock, and rap and dance music. Dance music doesn’t really have albums just tracks, and rap seems the same way a lot of good songs, but Dre 2001 is great and so is Jay-Z’s black album. I feel i’d be an interesting candidate to review rap music, because i generally don’t like it, all the videos are the same big tittied chicks and fat ugly rapper dudes, but there are a few things i enjoy. Kanye (before he was a douche), Dre w/snoop dogg is just fun. But really funny to be only able to classify the last 4-5 years of music because i was so out of touch. So I pretty much just justified any negative feedback i might have left for your seemingly predominantly last 5 years of music choices. ;)Mele Kalikimaka-Ted

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