Tracks of The Week: November 21

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted last, so I'm confident that everyone is biting their nails in anticipation of the auditory revelations that will emerge from this veritable ocean of musical treasures. Ok. Enough bollocks and more music.

New Stuff

TV in The Radio: Wale Featuring K'naan: Wale has been around in the mixtape scene for a few years and has steadily built his reputation as a significant Young Turk in the upcoming generation of hip hop artists, especially with the excellent Mixtape About Nothing. Wale represents the changing face of modern hip hop, where commercially viable artists no longer need to establish a level of infamy (50 Cent continues to remind us that he was shot a billion times) to sustain commerical viability. Wale definitely hails from the Kanye West school of rappers, using popular culture, materialism, social issues, and braggadocio as his primary source material. Like Kanye, Wale is clearly a student of hip hop, and this knowledge is reflected in TV in The Radio (from his official debut Attention: Deficit) , which combines the rapid fire lyrical wit of De La Soul, a sing songy Slick Rick style, and the West Indian influences that characterized a lot of KRS One's work. Despite these clear historical influences, the track definitely maintains contemporary relevance. Above all, it's a fun track to listen to.

Make: Do Say Make Think: I have to admit I didn't know who these guys were before coming across them in some review page recently. The keywords 'Post Rock' and the comparisons with Explosions in the Sky peaked my interest, and indeed, this definitely fits in the post rock genre. Although the work is technically brilliant and flush with luxuriant soundscapes and the operatic ebb and flow that I love about post rock, somehow it lacks the creative energy that makes Explosions so captivating and can't draw the emotional response that Sigur Ros manages. Perhaps I am being hasty, as I've only heard the song two times, but I think that this will get no more than the occasional airtime in my personal playlist ( I can't attach this because the file is too big. Let me know if you want it though, I can make arrangements).

House of Flying Daggers: Raekwon Feat Ghostface & Method Man: Consistency can be comforting in music, and consistency is what Raekwon provides on Only Built For Cuban Linx II, which harks back to the Wu Tang sound that characterized much of 1996's Forever LP. House of Flying Daggers hits all the customary Wu marks. Esoteric kung fu audio clips, RZA'a masterful under produced production, violent and often undecipherable lyrics that nevertheless sound powerful….and so on. This will disappoint those looking for artistic growth, but it will delight fans of a particular kind of hip hop. Personally I think Raekwon has the least convincing verse in this song, and he is clearly overshadowed by his more famous and (in my opinion) more talented compatriots. Meth and Ghost still sound like they've got hunger in their belly's. Perhaps the decline of the music industry will result in a resurgence in good hip hop…..

I Dont Like Your Band: Annie: Modern Scandinavian pop music is possibly the most innovative and energetic in the world. These dudes love that synthy electroclash sound that borrows from the 80's, often reveling in a witty parody of that inexplicable decade. Annie's I Dont Like Your Band is classic Scandi-electro pop (and is even more fun because she's making fun of some emo-indie wankers who take themselves too seriously), and despite being a dude who loves to revel in moody, sombre music, I love this track. I can't say I loved the rest of her album (Don't Stop is the name in case you're wondering); it was a little too akin to its ugly North American pop cousin. It's sad, because the Scandis don't need to ape Britney. It should be the other way around.

From The Vault

Since I'm finally going to my first Pearl Jam Concert tomorrow (very excited), I thought that there could be no better time to remember a classic………

Tv In The Radio Ft K’naan by Wale  
Download now or listen on posterous

10 TV In THe Radio ft K’naan.mp3 (3922 KB)

House Of Flying Daggers Ft Inspectah Deck Ghostface Method Man by Raekwon  
Download now or listen on posterous

02-raekwon-house_of_flying_daggers_ft_inspectah_deck_ghostface_method_man-ftd.mp3 (4778 KB)

I Don’t Like Your Band by Annie  
Download now or listen on posterous

05 i don’t like your band.mp3 (8058 KB)

Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam  
Download now or listen on posterous

12 – Yellow Ledbetter.mp3 (5364 KB)


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