Tracks of the Week: November 06

This week, a bit of a retrospective. I havn't really spent too much time listening to new stuff, so i'm going to share some older tracks that have been playing in my itunes this week. Once again the tracks that I have uploaded are at the end of this post.

1) Road to Zion: Damian Marley Featuring Nas.  Damian is the youngest and best of Bob's seemingly neverending proginy, specializing in toasting, which is kind of like the Jamaican version of rapping. Nas throws down and awesome verse too.

2) Mass Appeal: Gangstarr. True hip hop legends. Guru and DJ Premier do the old school hip hop thing as well as anyone. Mass Appeal combines Guru's verbal dexterity and Premier's production about as well as any Gangstarr song. Love this shit!

3) Voodoo Chile/Slight Return/Steppingstone: Jimi Hendrix. Next to his version of Star Sprangled Banner, this little mashup is probabally the most remembered of his historic performance at Woodstock. The sound is a bit shit due to poor recording and even crapper production, but the talent, passion and innovation shine through. I've posted the shorter youtube version due to space constraints, but let me know if you want the full version in higher quality.

4) Clampdown: The Clash: Yes, I'm keeping it old school! The Clash are quite simply one of the most influential, innovative and just plain rocking bands of all time Clampdown is an example of how they mixed a very distinct pop sensibility with an edgy punk sound and politically motivated lyrics. Seriously though, get Sandanista and London Calling….trust me.

5) Father and Son: Cat Stevens.  I watched 'The Boat that Rocked' which had this song in it and it reminded me how much I like it. It's just a simple but beautifully written and performed song filled with sadness, truth and melancholy. It is indeed unfortunate that Cat Stevens decided to end his musical career so prematurely, because he was a stellar songwriter.


Mass Appeal by Gangstarr  
Download now or listen on posterous

Gangstarr – Mass Appeal.mp3 (3449 KB)

Clampdown by The Clash  
Download now or listen on posterous

07 Clampdown.mp3 (5378 KB)

Father And Son by Cat Stevens  
Download now or listen on posterous

Father and Son.mp3 (3458 KB)


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