Tracks of the Week

Hey all,

Some of you unfortunate souls have endured my rants and scribblings about music. Alas, I have found another toy to facilitate this habit. This is the first time i’m using Posterous, an email blog posting type thing to share some of the music that I think is worth sharing. The good thing about this medium is that people can actually hear and download what I’m talking about without any effort. The downside is that it limits the amount of stuff I can rant about in one sitting….or maybe that is a good thing….

Anyway, the following are some tracks that I have been listening to recently. They arn’t necessarily new releases, but hopefully they are new to some of you.

1) Slim Thug: Still a Boss– The Daily Show and Slim Thug made a video and song about how the rap game has been hurt by the GFC……absolutely hilarious…and not a bad song to boot. Check out Wyatt Cenak’s interview with Slim Thug as well if you have the time.

2) Surkin: Radio Fireworks

This guy is one of the best new electro producers I have heard in a while. Part of a new wave of electroclash artists, he combines the hard sound of artists like Justice and throws in a breakbeat sound crafted out of samples and singular sounds, creating a jarring yet lively and complex sound that just makes you wanna head out to the club. This is what we should be hearing when we go out!!

3) Paul Weller & Noel Gallagher: That’s Entertainment (Live)

Not a new song by any means, but it never gets old. This is a live version of the old Jam song and I think it outdoes the original. Just a great classic acoustic rock song with simple yet superb songwiritng.

4) Fujiya & Miyagi: Transparent Things

Nice, chilled out indie pop sounds emanate from Fujiya & Miyagi.

5) Glasvegas: Geraldine

An undeniably catchy track from the Scottish noise pop band. Gotta love the thick Glaswegian accent too. It might be a bit melodramatic, but we don’t have to take these guys as seriously as they seem to take themselves!

Radio Fireworks by Surkin  
Download now or listen on posterous

01 – Surkin – Radio Fireworks.mp3 (7751 KB)

That’s Entertainment by Noel Gallagher + Paul Weller  
Download now or listen on posterous

Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher- That’s Entertainment – jools holland 9.01).mp3 (5194 KB)

Transparent Things by Fujiya & Miyagi  
Download now or listen on posterous

05 – Transparent things.mp3 (5328 KB)


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